Monday, 21 December 2015

# 379 - war - The BBC and country matters.

Real country folk who understand and work in the countryside can see that the BBC's coverage of this subject concentrates on programmes 'about' the countryside and not 'for' the people in it. The BBC's take on country matters are slanted by their metropolitan editors who make their programmes for metropolitan viewers.

An interesting article by Tim Bonner, who is Chief Executive of The Countryside Alliance (CLA) takes the BBC presenter Chris Packham to tasks for his high profile engagement with the political animal rights campaigns on social media and in an article in the BBC's Wildlife magazine.

BBC reporters are not allowed to express controversial views on the BBC or even in print something Chris Packman has ignored with his overt criticism of fox hunting, game shooters, The National Trust, Wildlife Trusts and even the RSPB of which he is vice-President.

The CLA has complained to the BBC but only received the usual list of standard excuses that Chris Packman is a contract employee, BBC magazines being a separate division and that he is not actually presenting 'at the moment'.

Interestingly when Rod Liddle, while working for the BBC, wrote in a national newspaper about "belch-filled dining rooms" of countryside supporters it was one of the things that eventually lead to him resigning after he was told that was "not acceptable " and "did not square with the BBC's obligation to be impartial or seen to be impartial."  Clearly there was one rule for Rod Liddle and is another for Chris Packham.

So here again we have the clear double standards of an organisation that is far too large, too big for its boots, is out of control and with very poor weak leadership.

The BBC is oblivious and immune to criticism and is thus able to ' get away with murder.'

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