Monday, 14 September 2015

# 361 - WAR - Games anyone can play!

The BBC is so 'Institutionally Bias' that any day of the week you can play any number of games to confirm their bias.

Dominic Lawson is the latest I've spotted playing one of these games which involved monitoring Andrew Marr's press reviewers. Yesterday he noticed that he had the Tory hating Polly Toynbee and the editor of the Communist Morning Star as two of it's three reviewers. while he thought this just may have been justified given the lead story was Jeremy Corbyn's election as Labour leader he decided to check back the paper reviewers over the previous three months.

What he found was only ONE could be described as from the right that being the historian Andrew Roberts. Of the three MPs since June 14th two were form Labour and one from the Scottish National Party.

This is bias and against their Royal Charter.

Here is another game to play involving any news story which includes seeking the views of the public. The two things to monitor is how many views they canvass are from the Left or Right and importantly which view is the last to be played. Typically you will find out of three interviewees two are Left and one is Right with a Left finishing the news item thus leaving the Left wing view lingering on in the public's mind.

There is NO hope to reform the BBC until the cosy consensus of our current 'Establishment' becomes answerable to the people of this country over and above the five yearly ritual farce called a General Election!

The Harrogate Agenda provides the answer which just happens to be another cause dear to my heart!       

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