Saturday, 29 August 2015

# 360 - WAR - Alan Yentob.

Alan Yentob, the BBC's Creative Director on £180,000 a year, is a classic BBC official and so long as his ilk are at the top of the BBC there is NO hope that it will be reformed and report in a balanced way.

The problem  is Alan Yentob is also the Chairman of Kids Co and has used his position and influence in the BBC to attempt to protect Miss Batmanghelidih from the current claims of financial mismanagement.

Also we learn that back in 2010 he presented a show called 'Art is Child's Play' which involved promoting Kids Co during an interview with its founder.

BBC guidelines are quite clear and state:-

"There must never be any suggestion that commercial , financial or other interests have influenced editorial judgements. Those involved in  the production of BBC content must have no significant connection with products, businesses or other organisations featured in that content."

That Yentob and others at the BBC are able to flout these rules shows you all that wrong with the BBC and how truly pathetic our politicians are in getting to grips with reforming the BBC.

So long as the likes of Alan Yentob, who is a good friend of Lord Hall, run the BBC it will remain the bloated, corrupt and bias organisation that it is.   


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