Saturday, 19 September 2015

# 364 - WAR - Rob Liddle tells it how it is!

Rod Liddle former editor of BBC Radio Four's Today programme says this in this weeks Spectator under the heading:-

Why emote about migrants during a concert?

" Listen, BBC. You've at last got rid of Clarkson, which is what you wanted all along. No more of that laddish and un-PC Top Gear. You parachute your most expensive presenters in for half an hour to the safe bits of Syria or Hungary or Serbia in order to let them emote for a couple of minutes and convince us we should open our doors to unlimited number of what you call refugees. You've got a big four-part special on BBC 3 about how appallingly racist white Britain is today. On Radio 4 your presenters react with out rage when accused of being biased in favour of the EU ( despite the welter of evidence to support that point). You have your middle-class liberal agenda - fine, OK, we know all that and while it galls from time to time, we'll rub along. All we ask is that you let us have the Last Night of the Proms; pomp, circumstance and patriotism, unleavened by your usual bien-pensant ill-thought-out sentiments. can't we just have that? No mention of refuges, vibrant diversity, vulnerable people etc?

Nope. The BBC hates the Last Night of  the Proms. It hates it as much as it hates Jeremy Clarkson. so they brought in a foreign lesbian feminist and told her to stick it to the audience - the BBC's licence-fee payers. Next year, if it's still running, the conductor will either be Jihadi John or Jeremy Corbyn."

Says it all really!


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