Wednesday, 16 September 2015

# 363 - WAR - Danny Cohen and his wife Noreena Hertz.

Recently 29 'Luvvie Stars' wrote a letter to the government saying that its review of the licence fee would damage Britain.

This idea which it is rumoured came from Noreena was supported by Danny, Director of BBC TV, who is said to have put them up for it.

The trouble is a couple of the signatories had not even read the letter before it was sent.

At the culture, media and sport select committee the chair MP Jesse Norman pointed out to Lord Hall that this whole incident had broken the BBC's guidelines for impartiality.

Lord Hall said that influencing lobbying was not the same as influencing broadcasts but the BBC's Royal Charter is quite clear as it says:-

" The BBC must remain independent and distanced from government initiatives, campaigns, charities and their agendas, no matter how apparently worthy the cause or how much their message appears to be accepted or uncontroversial."

Jesse Norma asked why the BBC had not held an inquiry - WHY INDEED?

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