Saturday, 4 July 2015

# 355 - WAR - Rod Liddle knows the BBC is bias.

Rod Liddle -  As the former editor of Radio 4's Today programme he should know a thing or two about the BBC. Here is part of his Wiki entry:-

While working for Today, Liddle also wrote a column for the Guardian. On 25 September 2002, referring to a march organised by the Countryside Alliance in defence of fox hunting, Liddle wrote that readers may have forgotten why they voted Labour in 1997, but would remember once they saw the people campaigning to save hunting. His column led The Daily Telegraph to accuse Liddle of bias and of endangering democracy.The BBC concluded that Liddle's comments breached his commitment to impartiality as a BBC programme editor, and gave him an ultimatum to stop writing his column or resign from his position on Today. He resigned on 30 September 2002. He said later that when he was editor he was ordered by BBC management to sack Frederick Forsyth from the show, and speculated that it was because of Forsyth's right wing political views.The BBC replied that the decision was made for editorial reasons.While the staff on Today found Liddle an "inspired editor", the rest of the BBC believed he was "a stroppy, trouble-making loose cannon".

Last week in the Spectator he said this :-

"The corporation's coverage of the asylum seekers floating around the Med has been unashamedly biased in favour of the policy of diverting as much manpower and money as possible to rescuing them, regardless of the wider consequences. It was biased and almost hilariously gullible about the Arab Spring uprisings which have brought so much more democracy and freedom to the world , inshallah. it is biased in its news reports of eastern European people coming here for work, regardless again of the consequences for indigenous people. it treats with hostility and contempt any individual or organisation who might dare to suggest that diversity is anything other than a bloody good thing. Its attacks on Ukip during the election - no other party warranted such treatment, remember- were an utter disgrace and, I would suggest, in breach of its charter. There was not even a genuflection towards even-handedness. The line was simple;these bastards are racist, and we're going to nail them."

What more can I say other than I agree!

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