Thursday, 23 July 2015

# 358 - WAR - Lords Communications Committee.

I do despair that the BBC is extremely unlikely to change so long as the 'Establishment' are involved who clearly lack the inclination or will power to make the radical changes necessary.

Here for example are the members of the Lords Communications Committee:-

Lord Best (Chairman) Crossbench
Earl of Arran Conservative
Baroness Benjamin Liberal Democrat
Baroness Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury Liberal Democrat
Bishop of Chelmsford Bishops
Lord Dobbs Conservative
Baroness Hanham Conservative
Lord Hart of Chilton Labour
Baroness Healy of Primrose Hill Labour
Baroness Jay of Paddington Labour
Baroness Kidron Crossbench
Baroness Scotland of Asthal Labour
Lord Sherbourne of Didsbury Conservative

First do the maths - there are 4 Conservatives to 9 others and here are few details for some of the others:-

Floella Benjamin - former BBC Play School presenter.
Michael Dobbs - House of Cards author.
Lady Bonham -Carter - Broadcast journalist and whose daughter works for the BBC on Newsnight.
Lady Kidron - Greenham peace camp expert whose father was a Marxist economist.

This committee is more biased than the BBC!!!!

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