Tuesday, 7 July 2015

# 357 - WAR - Question :- When is a reporter 'vexatious'?

Answer:- When the BBC says so especially when the reporter is a MoS investigative journalist asking , through FoI requests, about Lord Hall's expenses.

So let's be clear what 'vexatious' means - 'annoying, frustrating or worrying' well I guess it might be to the BBC who like most large bureaucratic organisations, don't like the spotlight shining into too many corners which reveal the way they run their empire.

The MoS won and the Information Commissioner ordered that the information be released - so watch this space for what is revealed.

Don't forget other FoI requests in the past revealed:-

In 2007 that Terry Wogan was paid £10,000 to front Children in Need and the ONLY one to receive payment. Also that Alan Yentob received £27,000 in expenses over three years.

In 2009 that the BBC spend £3million on art for their new HQ.

And in April this year it was revealed that £50,000 was spent on renting out rooms because it ran out of space in its new HQ which was opened in 2013 at the cost of £1billion!

This example, of an out of control BBC, fits in well with what George Osborne said on Sunday, on the Andrew Marr show, that the BBC operates in an 'Imperial' way to the detriment of local democracy as their ever expanding website is one of the main causes for the closure of some 200 local papers.

The BBC must be CUT down to a size that means it concentrates on making good programmes and to me, just for starters, that means cutting every local radio station in the country and leaving that area to local commercial stations.  

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