Wednesday, 24 June 2015

# 354 - WAR - Is the BBC bias? Is the Pope Catholic?!

Those who watch and monitor the BBC's bias must, like me, want to rip your hair out at times!!

If you can believe it those IN the BBC currently think because the Conservatives won the General Election that proves they are NOT bias!!!

Trouble is the bias has for so long been ingrained it has become INSTITUTIONALISED and the last people who will see this are those working for and in the BBC.

Fortunately for us the odd person breaks free form the BBC bubble, usually when they retire, and spectacularly spill the beans and the latest is Roger Mosey who was former head of BBC news and Second-in Command to the Director General. Roger has just written a book called "Getting Out Alive" and one review says this:-

Delinquent presenters, controversial executive pay-offs, the Jimmy Savile scandal… The BBC is one of the most successful broadcasters in the world, but its programme triumphs are often accompanied by management crises and high-profile resignations.
One of the most respected figures in the broadcasting industry, Roger Mosey has taken senior roles at the BBC for more than twenty years, including as editor of Radio 4’s Today programme, head of television news and director of the London 2012 Olympic coverage.
Now, in Getting Out Alive, Mosey reveals the hidden underbelly of the BBC, lifting the lid on the angry tirades from politicians and spin doctors, the swirling accusations of bias from left and right alike, and the perils of provoking Margaret Thatcher.
Along the way, this remarkable memoir charts the pleasures and pitfalls of life at the top of an organisation that is variously held up as a treasured British institution and cast down as a lumbering, out-of-control behemoth.
Engaging, candid and very funny, Getting Out Alive is a true insider account of how the BBC works, why it succeeds and where it falls down.

I haven't read it yet but I've read in the papers that he brilliantly exposes the subtle way the BBC can often be bias in their vox pop broadcasts. This is where members of the public are interviewed to add some authenticity to a report. The trouble is the members of the public in say matters of immigration are often fairly strident in their views and far too right wing for the leftie/PC BBC and so if they broadcast a vox pop on immigration it is invariably someone saying they are happy and support immigration.

This 'News manipulation' is of course PURE propaganda and far from being innocent is actually stoking up trouble as the BBC refuses to give a voice to what the public really think on sensitive issues like immigration, home grown terrorism,  sex abuse and much more.

In comparison to the above the following observations of bias, waste and political correctness are just your usual daily diet of what goes on at the BBC.

1. Political Correctness - Clare Balding, who admits to being use too much, is to replace John Inverdale, to cover Wimbledon, apparently because of his sexist remarks last year.

2. Waste - The BBC only spends £2.4 of its £5.1billion budget on programming, which is less then half. Also their new Broadcasting House cost £1billion was 4 years late and £107million over budget.

3. Corruption - £369 million in pay offs to staff over eight years.

4. Hypocrisy - Despite frequents laments and government bashing over the NHS 364 top BBC executives enjoy private health care costing £700,000 a year.

5. Arrogance - Danny Cohen, Director of Television recently warned that he would have to cut entire services if non payment of the TV licence was non criminalised. How about cutting waste first!

6. Question Time - a couple of weeks ago the audience was, more than usual, clearly left of centre given the applause for all the left wing comments and near silence for any mildly right wing views expressed by the panel or audience.

Still this is the Institutionally bias BBC we are talking about but then don't forget they are not really bias as the Conservatives won the election!! And speaking of the election I still remember the look of shock on the faces of the likes of Dimbleby when the Exit Poll was announced on the night - Most BBC journalists' looked as if they had taken a large bite out of a lemon - absolutely priceless!!



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