Tuesday, 24 September 2013

# 256 - WAR - News at 10 last night - Global Warming.

The item at 10.21pm on the news started with the statement that 100 scientists were meeting to discuss their reaction to the fact the temperature has not gone up in the lat 10 years - something I and others have been pointing out for years.

Who are these 100 scientists because from past analysis they are NOT all scientists so why does the BBC say they are?

Next they now at least admit the rather embarrassing fact that the temperature has not gone up in the last 15 years which the called a 'pause' but ow do they know it is not a 'reversal' in the trend?

Finally to attempt to add balance to the report they interviewed a blogger I had never hear of who simply said they pro global warming side must start admitting what they don't know. Why do the BBC NEVER interview a renowned global warming sceptic on such news items. How about the journalists Christopher Booker or James Delingpole, or politicians like Helmner or Lawson( he is occasionally aired) or one of the many scientists who have remained independent of the green lobby and believe the whole thing is mostly bunkum?

The BBC will remain institutionally bias until it is taken off the public life support of the taxpayer funded licence fee and they have to exist in the real world.

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