Monday, 16 September 2013

# 255 - WAR - Peter Sissons on the BBC

Great article in the Sunday Telegraph by Peter Sissons over the weekend in which he listed the the damage the corporation had inflicted on itself in recent months. These were NOT note damage inflicted from outside the BBC but self inflicted damage which could have been avoided!

1. Jimmy Saville mishandled from start.
2. George Entwistle's severance package after 54 days was £1.3 million.
3. Newsnight and the Lord McAlpine scandal.
4. BBC bias over the Andrew Michell 'Plebgate'story.
5. £100 million wasted on 'tapeless' IT project.
6.£369 millions in severence payments.

Not bad for a self inflicted wound in just a few months.

When Sissons joined the BBC the DG Micheal Checkland was paid £100,000 or £210,00 in today's money. When Mark Thompson left the job a year ago he was on 4 times that and his Deputy Mark Byford was on 2.5 times the Checkland benchmark.

Now if we add to the above list with  - The new BBC centre in Salford cost £200 million and the refurbishment of Broadcasting house Central London cost £1 billion and was £55 million over budget it is also crystal clear the BBC have lost the value of money.

He ends the article with this - " So long as the BBC goes on rewarding failure, changing the structures will achieve nothing.It needs a change of culture, the emergence of a new generation of managers who are not held in contempt, and who are doing the job for something other than the money."

Here here to that.

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