Thursday, 26 September 2013

# 258 - WAR - Science Britannica BBC 2 Wednesday 25th.

Only saw a bit of this programme narrated by Professor Brian Cox which celebrated Britain's pivotal role in creating modern science.

funnily enough I caught the bit on Climate Change in which, in his soft reasonable voice, he said the matter was settled because the overwhelming view was based on scientific consenus and peer review.

He said individual books with a contrary view were just that an individuals view and therefore could be discounted as not following the consensus.

For balance this programme at this point should have mentioned the many books and scientists who disagree with the supposed consensus on climate change but have great difficulty being heard, especially from the likes of the BBC, who give them little to no airtime.

While I appreciate the programme was about 'science' for balance the 'politics' of Climte Change should have been mentioned. Also they should have explained how there is now big money to be had in agreeing with the consensus where as Climate Change sceptics earn little to nothing from their stance. This alone surely makes their veiws worthy of consideration.

Climate Change sceptics strike me as simply being after the truth and have not been taken in by the huge amount of propaganda we are all made to endure to fit with this current cosy consensus from those who earn a fortune keeping this myth going.

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