Sunday, 8 September 2013

# 254 - WAR - BBC pay offs, sexism and ageism.

Good article by Selina Scott in the Sunday Mail confirming ageism amongst BBC staff happened and probably still does for as she amusingly puts it ' When you age exceeds your bra size.... the BBC sacks you!!'

She also found the BBC full of predatory bosses and quotes from Fern Britton's recent autobiography how Frank Bough had leant across to her and whispered in her ear "well young lady, I wonder how long it will be before I am having an affair with you."

Finally she also highlights the £25 million to 150 departing bosses and the pending clash between Patten and Thompson.

As I've said before the BBC is institutionally bias and I'd also add corrupted and NOTHING will change until it is broken up.

It is beyond reform it is just too big.  One day the BBC dinosaur will face extinction. 

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