Friday, 8 February 2013

# 218 - WAR - The BBC and Gay marriage.

Stephen Glover in the Daily Mail on Thursday 7th analyses the  response to the rebellion in the Tory ranks on the gay marriage bill that came before Parliament.

The BBC loved quoting their very own Guardian colunmist Polly Toynbee who  described all those against gay marriage as a ' nest of bigots'. Of course failing to comment that this nasty intolerant language was the languge of a bigot!

Then they quoted from in the main Peter Kellner's YouGov polls which asserted that those against gay marriage were in the minority.They also quoted from an Ipsos poll which said much the same.

In fact the YouGov poll showed 56% were for gay marriage while 38% were against - 38% is quite a large minority is it not! Also NO mention by the BBC of a ComRes poll which showed 53% in favour of the proposition 'that marriage should be a life-long commitment between a man and a woman.'

This does make you wonder what the YouGov question was!!!!

So totally unsurprisingly from an organistion with a fairly high % of gays in their employment the BBC reports the matter in a bias way.

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