Tuesday, 26 February 2013

# 223 -WAR - BBC double standards.

As the Daily Mail points out today in its second Leader the BBC shows a real double standard over its treatment of Lords McAlpine and Rennard but then of course one is a Tory and the other a Lib Dim.

The BBC couldn't wait to brand Lord McApline as a paedophile last November without even giving him the right of reply while they have been very slow to respond to the Lord Rennard story over the last few days despite knowing about these accusations LAST year.

But then as far as the BBC goes there is one rule rule for their Guardian reading Liberal friends and another for those ghastly Tories who actually once supported Thatcher!

The BBC's bias is just so predictable and I can see NO chance of them ever reforming themselves until the licence fee goes and they are forced to compete in the market place. The only other possiblity is the appointment of a RIGHT WING Chairman but that is never going to happen.

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