Thursday, 24 January 2013

# 217 - WAR - Surprise surprise the BBC is still bias.

Despite many people over many years pointing out the BBC is bias it continues apace without any interruption.

1. The Daily Mail on Tuesday 22nd ran an article on David Bellamy which reminded me that he was banned from the BBC the moment he spoke out against global warming and wind farms.

2. Newsnight on Wednesday 23rd had a big item on the Cameron's speech on the EU. Apart form the studio panel of 4 which contained  3 pro EU and Nigel Farage of UKIP the coverage included 5 outside interviews as follows:-

a. Businessman - pro EU
b. Junior Doctor - pro EU
c. Farmer - Some reservations but if out of the EU would want the same level of subsidies-so pro EU!
d. Non Ex-Director Goldman Sachs - pro EU
e. Counillor - pro EU

Now can anybody tell me that is balanced reporting????

When you write to the BBC, as I have frequently, and point out their bias their replies always include the comment that balance is produced if you analyse output over time.

The trouble is on issues like global warming, the EU, and the left of British politics the bias never does get balanced over time as by any analysis the vast majority of the output is PRO global warming, the EU and the left of Brtish politics.

This why this blog claims the BBC is "institutionally bias."

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