Wednesday, 13 February 2013

# 221 - WAR - Attenborough climate claim cut by BBC.

A small article in the Daily Mail yesterday started;-

'The BBC has been forced to make an embarrassing climbdown over climate change claims made by Sir David Attenborough'

Speaking in front of Mt Kilimanjario he had said  "Some parts of the continent have become 3.5C hotter in the past 20 years."

This comment received a number of complaints from viewers and after initially defending this statement the corporation removed it from  the repeat prime time show on Sunday.

The BBC agreed that this statement was disputable and the commentary should have reflected this. They also said David Attenborough had not carried out the research for the programme himself.

So there you have it an admission by the BBC's of bias albeit they did publish it before cutting it out of the repeat showing of the programme.

On Climate Change the News, Country File, Nature programmes and the like are stuffed full of subtle and not so subtle bias as the BBC has totally brought the line that Climate Change IS happening.

The thing the BBC seem incapable of grasping is that climates do change and what we have now is perfectly normal in the general scheme of things. I am also constantly amazed the amount of credence they give to long term weather reports especially as our weather forecasters cannot predict the weather acurately from week to the next!!

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  1. The point is that a great many people will have heard and believed the familiar, trusted Mr Attenborough.

    It is rather like the scene in"Titanic" where the beastly, brutal, British officers lock the loveable Irish below decks. It never happened. The makers of the film admitted it never happened but every time the film is shown, most viewers will believe it did.