Saturday, 12 January 2013

# 216 - WAR - 'The polar bear family and me'

I've had an e-mail from a visitor to this blog informing me of a classic piece of BBC bias around climate change.
It concerns the programme 'The polar bear family and me' which was shown over three nights this week.
He points out:- 
 "It constantly referred to global warming, lack of ice and the bears being under threat from climate change.  Whilst in reality numbers of bears have increased over the last thirty years and are now stable, temperatures haven't increased and sea levels haven't risen etc."

"All the same rubbish!"

The BBC loves the images of lone polar bears standing on small icebergs or the shots of crumbling glaciers into the sea (a natural annual event) it helps promote Climate Change a concept they have brought into 100% and they now don't even pretend to treat in a balanced way.
The only thing that will change the BBC is to subject it to the full force of the market.   

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