Sunday, 6 January 2013

# 215 - WAR - Global Warming.

Mid week the lead item on the BBC news was the recent wet weather with the observation that 2012 was offically the second wettest year, after 2000, in the last 100 years.

The BBC repeatedly made the statement that our current severe weather patterns were the result of a general warming of the planet where as the facts are that the tempersture has NOT gone up in the last 10 years.

Also no mention was made by the BBC of the fact that the same  Met office weather predictions they keep quoting stated at the start of 2012 that we faced a severe drought!

What I wish to point out is that the BBC is that if weather precictions in 2012 can be so wrong why should we believe anything the Met office say with regards our long term future weather patterns!


  1. The BBC cannot figure out the simple fact that if energy is to become so expensive that use of the fridge/washer/car is limited, then the TV will already be on the scrap heap; thereby saving energy and freeing us from the BBC Poll Tax.
    the BBc Poll Tax will not heat my house, cook my food or transport me to work anywhere near effectively as £145.50 of extortionately over-taxed electric/gas/petrol.

    1. Good point but sadly a huge portion of our population are Telly addicts so the BBC will continue to have an audience.

      What is needed is for great numbers of discerning viewers to stop paying their licence fee.