Wednesday, 24 October 2012

# 204 - WAR - More on Jimmy Savile

I find it so ironic that the Guardian reading BBC, who for years have embraced and promoted the whole mantra surrounding the 'swinging sixties' of free love etc has finally been hoisted buy its own petard. Those of us of a more 'conservative' disposition have long known you can NOT have your cake and eat it  and so the BBC rooks, over Jimmy Savile, are coming home to roost!!

The new Director General says as much when he says the BBC 'system' was at fault. The trouble is, like trying to turn around a supertanker, it takes a long time and I'm certain the BBC will NOT be able to reform itself as its 'faults' are far too ingrained.

Interesting I also note that the producer Peter Rippon of the cancelled Newsnight programme has only stepped aside and has not gone - how typical is that!!

Let me repeat what I said in in post #203.

A major point about the BBC which has, as I so often say, bias in its DNA is that it is a big part of our existing 'Establishment.' Therefore the BBC is bloated & over manned, out of touch, isolated in its left of centre bubble, corrupted and therefore divorced from us ordinary folk.

The BBC will NOT be able to reform itself as it is far too far down the road of being a complete law unto itself.

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  1. Hi,

    I totally agree - criminal levels of bias are endemic in the BBC and have been for many years.

    That they are so hugely over rewarded for their very mediocre output is an obscenity.

    The salaries/bribes paid to its senior people are unwarranted and the proportion of programmes made by cronies with private production companies to further enrich chums and seemingly avoid tax makes one wonde just why they are allowed to exist funded on a tax levied by government on every owner of a set when professional TV stations function and fund themselves based onm commercial realities.

    Some might say the BBC requires a root and branches overhaul and pruning whilst I would advocate they take lessons in bonsai!