Wednesday, 24 October 2012

# 203 -WAR - Palestine 'good' Israel 'bad'!!

Today on the Radio 2 morning news I heard  another, often repeated, example of subtle bias from the BBC.

The report involved 2 Palestinian's and Jews injured after the Jews retaliated with air strikes after 50 rockets had been fired from Palestine into Israel.

The news item went something like this:-

" 2 Palestinians died after airstrikes from Israel which were in retaliation for 50 rockets fired into Israel which injured 2 Jews."

Those just catching the news headlines may well have only heard that 2 Palestinians had been killed by Israel.

In my opinion it would be less bias of the BBC to have started with an explanation as to how the Palestinians are STILL subjecting Israel to regular rocket attacks.

A major point about the BBC which has, as I so often say, bias in its DNA is that it is a big part of our existing 'Establishment.' Therefore the BBC is bloated & over manned, out of touch, isolated in its left of centre bubble, corrupted and therefore divorced from us ordinary folk.

The BBC will NOT be able to reform itself as it is far too far down the road of being a complete law unto itself.


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