Sunday, 4 November 2012

# 205 - WAR - A further week of bias.

1. Reports of recession end - Typically each report on the statistics always included the loss of 1400 jobs to Turkey from the Ford van factory. However no surprise that the BBC didn't comment on the soft EU loan to Turkey to help their Ford factory take our jobs. The BBC of course has had soft EU loans and seldom likes to report the EU in a bad light.

2. Ash disease - Most reports during the week on this ended with a mention of global warming. Trouble is the world's temperatures have NOT risen in the last 15 years.

3. Andrew Marr's Start the Week - The panelists for this radio 4 Monday programme on Torture included:-
Ian Coburn - Guardian reporter (of course!) and author of 'Cruel Britannia'
David Anderson - QC
Clare Bayley - play write of play on Rendition
MR Hall - Crime writer
 The programme did little if anything to quantify the degrees of torture around the world but concentrated on the 5 British techniques of :-
1. Sleep deprivation
2. Starving
3. Hooding
4. Stress position
5. Subject to noise
There was also apparently an unwritten 6th technique which involved beatings if the subject refused to adopt the stress position.

Now while this is officially torture it is hardly on a par with finger nail extraction and should a book about this be titled 'Cruel Britannia'?

I'm against all torture as it doen't work but the BBC were bias in their selective coverage of torture and the clear assumption from the report that Britain was guilty of torture on a par with more severe regimes.

4. Hurricane Sandy - Most reports like the one at 8.57am on Radio 4 on 29th October comment on climate change yet as I say in 2 above the climate hasn't changed in the last 15 years.

5. Newsnight Thursday 3rd November - on an item on tax issues the 54 year old economist Richard Murphy whose report from his 'Tax Justice Network' was the subject of the discussion was excluded on gender equality issues!
The panelist assembled by the BBC included:-
Miss Dinsey - Fashion blogger
Miss O'Hagen - Junior colleague of Mr Murphy
Mr Dodwell - Deloittes
Typical politically correct bias from our Auntie!!

The BBC has bias in its DNA.

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