Thursday, 4 October 2012

# 202 - WAR - A week of more bias!!

I haven't posted for a while as I've been busy organising the 2nd meeting of the Harrogate Agenda but of course NOTHING changes as the BBC continues its relentless outpourings of bias.

Here are a few examples from this week:-

1. Badger cull - Peter Kendall the President of the NFU has complained that the reporting has been bias against the cull.

Well there is a surprise!!

The Guardian reading BBC journalists and reporters live and breathe let wing lovey causes.

2.BBC and Jimmy Savile - Newsnight investigation on JS was axed for editorial reasons.

I bet it was as the BBC appears to be totally culpable in its handingly of this affair over the many years JS worked and was lauded at the BBC and the people to blame are the senior management.

3. Eric Hobsbawm  - The BBC grieved the death of Marist EH but of course made no mention that he hated Britain, excused Stalin's genocide and might even have been a traitor as he knew Blunt and Burgess.

EH also told a blatant lie in one of his books that the USSR only used minimal force to maintain their communist system between 1957 - 1989.

He also underplayed  the Soviet attack of Finland in 1939-40 saying it was a little border dispute and omitted to mention the 20,000 massacre of Polish soldiers by Russian Secret Servive at Katyn and dismissed Soviet violence on Poles in Warsaw in 1944.

The left wing BBC needs its heros and never let the facts get in the way of promoting those they say are their own.

4. Train Franchise - A £40 million cock up is bad but how does it compare to the £10 billion NHS computer cock up which happened under New Labour?

Of course the BBC make NO mention of this!

5. Newsnight review of the newspapers   - On Wednesday the programme ended with The Guardian followed by the Independent then the Express and finally the Financial Times.

All 4 are at the bottom end of the distribution league and of course no mention of the Daily Mail the paper with the highest distribution.

The BBC has bias in its DNA.

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