Sunday, 19 February 2012

# 165 - WAR - Kelvin MacKenzie on BBC reporting.

In the Saturday Daily Mail (the much hated newspaper of lefties) Kelvin MacKenzie digs into a BBC news report on unemployment.

On R4's PM programme this week on a gloom-ridden report on unemployment they interviewed  a council worker called Alison.

Alison explained she was 55 single and been unemployed for a year since being made redundant from Eastleigh Council Hampshire.

However Kelvin decided to do some digging behind the report and it turns out the majority of Eastleigh Council redundancies were VOLUNTARY.

The council would not answer Kelvins 2 questions:-

1. How much did she earn and what was her pay off?

2. What was the size of her final salary pension scheme?

She apparently said she was looking for work in an Admin capacity but had an issue about travelling!

Kelvin asks " If I had covered the story for PM my version would have sounded very different from the one that was broadcast. Which one would have given he more accurate picture of Alison's life? Mine or the increasingly left-wing BBC."

Well done Kelvin but I have to tell you the BBC has been INSTITUTIONALLY BIAS  for years but I'm sure he knows that.

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