Wednesday, 15 February 2012

# 163 -WAR - Spendthrift and Alarmist BBC.

1. Spendthrift - I read in the Daily Mail today, that the BBC spent £4million laying off staff as a result of the costly and pointless move to Salford and yet then continued to employ nearly half of those they had given nearly £57,000 redundancy to.

You couldn't make this up could you.

It is beyond parody it is simply a disgrace.

2. Alarmist - So the BBC News at Ten tonight reports a 'Record' rise in unemployment. The BBC news is shallow and populist and has long ago given up on giving serious analysis to such issues. If they did break a habit of a life time and report on unemployment is a serious and unbias way they would have to say that given the economic climate unemployment is sadly a price that is paid by the least well off and that it is bound to rise given the lesson of history.

The BBC's natural left wing tendencies are always on display when reporting on unemployment.

So yet more evidence that the INSTITUTIONALLY BIAS BBC is still unreformed despite the pronouncements of the BBC's management.

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