Sunday, 19 February 2012

# 164 - WAR - Quentin Letts for DG of the BBC!

I see in the Spectator this week that Quentin Letts gives us his Manifesto for the BBC's top job.

He lists 17 common sense things he would do if given the job and I'll list just two of them:-

1. Only take 10% of the existing salary of £650,000. So he would do the job for £65,000 or the same amount, as he points out, as a backbench MP.

2. He points out the BBC always insists it is not left-wing but he asks "does anyone believe that?" He goes on "It is about as balanced as George Best on a unicycle! It has badly lost the trust of the Conservative party, particularly on Europe and in its attitude to the deficit. BBC producers reliably regard government spending as a good thing. NO it ain't"

So Quentin Letts hits the nail on the head that the BBC needs a dose of a right-wing influence to try and help it kick the habit of recent years of being a bag carrier for the left.

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