Thursday, 6 September 2012

# 196 - WAR - The Arctic's ice melt.

My God I'm tired of this endless BBC bias over climate change but last night Peter Lilley MP confronted Paxman on Newsnight head on and scored a direct hit!

It was great to watch!!

Peter Lilley had been invited on with the new Green's leader to discuss Arctic ice melting. The discussion was preceded by a Newsnight clip which basically said the Arctic summer ice melt was a danger to the world.

Lilley first point out that he had been invited on to discuss on  issue while the 'clip' covered another. He also pointed out how the main contributor to the 'clip' was a known alarmist and so the clip was bias.

Well there is a surprise the BBC is of course 100% biased in favour of climate change.

The facts are the Arctic ice always melts in summer always has and always will. Whether it is any more so now is totally open to debate what I do know from Ian Pilmer is that we are currently in an ice age. Also the Antarctic is expanding and when the Antarctic is cooling the Arctic is warming and vice versa. The Arctic was warmer than now between 1920 to 1940.

The BBC does even attempt to report the news it just reports its biases!

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  1. The BBC deliberately chooses to place unskilled opponents against big name climate scientists and then uses the lack of credibility of the opponents as an excuse to have no debate at all.
    Lets face it both the opponents and the climate scientists are both unskilled when it comes to the starting point of deciding whether the climate has actually altered from it pattern.

    This decision should be the province of statisticians and engineers not the untrained climate scientists.
    The Fourier analysis shows clear cut underlying cyclic components totally missing from all the work of climate scientists which proves their work invalid.
    Reviewing the GISS data shows clear cut evidence of tampering with the figures to an extent significantly greater than the warming claimed.
    Even with this warming bias creating tampering there is no sign of the progressively increasing RATE of RISE in the temperatures that forcing or to be less peasant and uneducated positive feedback.
    Again this proves climate science to be unfounded in its conjectures.