Monday, 25 March 2013

# 228 - WAR - Sir John Beddington.

Dr Richard North post below from his blog EU Referendum nicely encapsulates the complete nonsense of the whole Climate Change industry.

Then we have Sir John Beddington the out going Government Advisor on Climate Change being touted around the BBC studio's today or at least quoted with NO critical questioning from the BBC journalists or of course no opposing point of view being put forward by the many reputable people who do NOT believe our climate is changing due to anything man has or is doing. Just for starters the weather changes 4 times a year with the changing seaons and as to increases in CO2 causing the climate to heat up simply forget it!!

Sir John Beddington explained at 8.45am on the Radio 4 today programme that all the extra CO2 in the atmosphere from 25 years ago is what is responsible for the extreme changes to our weather at the moment. These pro Climate Change zealots will adopt whatever argument they want to support their huge financially lucrative industry.

This is such RUBBISH one doesn't know where to start but what can be said without any question is that the BBC's reports on Climate Change are bias in its favour as they have brought and signed up to the whole false science that is the Climate Change industry.

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