Wednesday, 13 March 2013

# 225 - WAR - The BBC and left-wing comedy.

Sandi Toksvig is the left-wing lesbian presenter of the News Quiz and if she only had one leg as well who knows how far up the BBC career ladder she would reach!!

This is the lady who announced to the twittering panelists on the lunchtime show " It is the Tories who have put the 'n' into cuts."

Her programme used to be funny before she took over now it is just an excuse for various left-wing comedians to have a rant agianst the Conservatives.

WEll at least Radio 4's commissioning editor Caroline Raphael reportedly acknowledges the problem of left-wing bias in comedy shows. She is quoted as saying " It is difficult to find comedians from the right". I don't think she is looking very hard - how about Jim Davidson for starters I'm sure he would love to make a comeback.

Another programme on Radio 4 - 'Jeremy Hardy speaks to the Nation' has been the subject of various complaints to Roger Bolton the presenter of Feedback. This show is meant to be funny but is just full of Hardy's left-wing anti Tory rants.

Of course Hardy is a regular on Toksvig's News Quiz. These shows are meant to be FUNNY but they don't contain jokes all they contain is VIEWS as Caroline Raphael went on to say "Producers spend alot of time in clubs looking for people with a variety of views." Why views we want people who tell funny JOKES. 

The bais in the BBC is ingrained and INSTITUTIONAL.


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