Tuesday, 13 November 2012

# 208 - WAR - Ongoing bias on Thatcher.

This is a great quote from Peter Sissons' article in the Daily Mail yesterday which is referred to in post 207 below:-

" The Lord McAlpine smear may have been a one-off. The bias against Margaret Thatcher is ongoing."

And Peter Sissons should know having spent 20 years as a presenter and 5 years as chairman of Question Time.

Never has there been a better time not to pay your TV licence as the BBC has a Royal Charter to report in an unbias way and yet in watching the BBC you get a left of centre political bias, a pro EU bias and a pro climate change bias to name the main 3.

I don't pay my TV licence and they seem to have gone very quiet in chasing for payment - I wonder why?!

They are guilty of bias and it may just be sinking into their liberal elite left of centre heads that they are.

However changing this is going to be impossible as turkeys will NEVER vote for Christmas!!

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