Tuesday, 28 August 2012

# 194 - WAR - Springwatch Guide to Seabirds.

After many years of not bothering to officially complain to the BBC, because their replies are totally evasive and non committal,  I have again this week complained about a very specific point raised on the above programme.

They claimed that seabird numbers were falling in the North Sea due to the sea temperature rising.

Now I happen to believe from what I have read that this is simply not true so I've asked them to tell me what piece of evidence they have used to make this statement. Sea temperatures have in fact NOT risen at all.

So far to my e-mail complaint I have had a reply which does not answer my specific question so I have no written and asked the same question again.

The BBC is still as bias as it ever was especially being pro Climate Change, the EU and the Left of centre in British politics.


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