Tuesday, 7 August 2012

# 190 - WAR - Limpiks continued!

The games aren't even over and Newsnight  on BBC 2 tonight finds time to run its first item on elitism in Olympic sports and how rowing, sailing and riding aren't open to poor kids.

What utter nonsense if the parents and schools support their children and make sacrifices then joining a rowing or sailing club is cheaper than a gym, and you don't need to own a horse to muck out at a stables and start at the bottom and work up.

How typical of the bias and very elite BBC to bang the leftwing drum for the poor's lack of participation in the Limpiks!!

How truly bias and pathetic.

PS. To prove my point of the two women Dressage Gold medal winners Charlotte Dujardin was not advantaged and Laura Bechtolsheimer was privileged. 

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