Tuesday, 7 August 2012

# 189 - WAR - The Limpiks!!

The BBC is wrong says Daniel Hannan in the Daily Mail today as the Olympics are a victory for conservative values and not multiculturalism. He points out the games are about Britishness, patriotism, family values and competitiveness.

So typically the Radio 4 presenter Evan Davis asked Boris Johnson whether the Conservatives were as comfortable as Labour supporters with the Games being a "really fantastic advert for multicultural, multiethnic Britain."

As DH says " It's a typical BBC tactic to rattle off Multi-cultural-Multi-ethnic as though it were a single word, a single concept. In fact, the Olympics Games celebrate the precise opposite of multiculturalism.

The BBC has learnt nothing and still in the main pushes the Guardian view of the world.

As I keep saying nothing will change until the license fee tax is ended.

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