Tuesday, 24 January 2012

# 156 - WAR - 1.Private detectives and 2. Evan Davis.

1. Private detectives - So we learn today the BBC spent £310,000 on 230 occasions over a 6 year period on private detectives. I would have thought they had enough investigative journalists but then the licence fee tax keeps pouring in and the BBC keeps spending it as they please. The BBC is a complete law unto itself and the only way to cut it down to size is to get rid of the licence fee.

2. Evan Davis - The Radio 4 presenter, who is often mentioned in the same breath as being the man with the genital pearcing, is also like most BBC reporters bias to his finger tips.
This morning he interviewed Ian Duncan-Smith, and as Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail says today, he was treated like a war criminal and goes on:-

"It was a disgraceful piece of partisan political posturing by a supposedly impartial presenter"

But Evan will have please his masters as there is clearly an unwritten rule (or quite possibly a written rule!) which instructs BBC reporters to :-

1. Read the Guardian every day and adopt its line on any given issue.
2. Automatically give right wing types a much harder time than left wingers.

The BBC continues its daily bias and I now believe will NEVER change of its own accord.

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