Monday, 30 January 2012

# 158 - WAR - £670,000 and a puerile defination of capitalism.

1. £670,000 is the salary of the soon to be departing Director General of the BBC Mark Thompson. All this money to a man who during his tenure has admitted the BBC is bias but has not stopped this trend  on subjects as diverse as State spending, Europe, Immigration and Climate Change.

2.Capitalism - On Radio 4 this morning Paul Mason, who has just written a book 'Meltdown - The end to the age of greed' was allowed to get away with the ridiculous that the trouble with capitalism is that it is run by the rich for the rich. This sort of over simplification of a serious issue is puerile and lowers the standard of debate to the lowest common denominator - however this is now what the bias BBC excels at.

The BBC is bias and dumbed down and will never be reformed while the public pick up the tab via the licence fee.

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