Monday, 28 March 2016

# 397 - war - Local BBC DJ hits the nail on the head.

Martin Kelner, who has worked for the BBC Leeds since the mid 80's, was sacked last week, without warning, when he was informed in a casual chat after his show that the station was moving in a different direction and his contract was not going to be renewed.

Being on the inside his views are very interesting and relevant and here a selection of what he said on his blog about BBC management:-

" gutless brainless managers who contribute nothing to what goes on air"

"Local radio is underfunded* and over managed by meddling bosses"

* Personally I would save money by withdrawing the BBC form local radio and leave this area to the commercial stations.

BBC Leeds management are "clueless, spineless, charmless, gutless brainless and pointless"

The BBC should strip away " meddlesome, ineffectual audience-losing management"

He also pointed out how David Holdsworth controller of English Regions earns £166,000 and Pat Loughrey, former BBC director of nations and region,s was paid £300,000 a year until he was ousted in 2009 with a pay off of £866,000. The BBC has since capped redundancy pay at £150,000.

On the other hand Martin Kelner was paid on a free lance basis at £190 for each of his three hour weekend shows. He will be paid until the end of his contract in May but receive no further payoff.

Insiders who leave the BBC nearly always testify to the huge amounts of mismanagement and financial waste at the corporation.

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