Monday, 28 March 2016

# 398 -war - Climate Change bias.

On Radio 4's Life Scientific programme last week the Environmental Scientist Carolyn Roberts was interviewed about flooding. She was clearly a supporter of climate change and there was no attempt at balance as she repeated the regularly spouted falsehoods that the temperature and sea levels are rising.

Now the BBC argue that one programme on its own may not be balanced but over time  balance is achieved by the inclusion of other points of views.

This is a BBC lie.

As I explained in post #359 below when the reporter Quentin Letts took a light hearted swipe at the Met Office in his series of programmes titled "What is the point of ....." it was removed from the BBC I player after a handful of 'environmentalists' complained of the programmes bias.

The BBC is not balanced, even over time, on three key issues - climate change, the EU and a bias towards the socially liberal left of British politics.

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