Saturday, 27 February 2016

# 393 - war - Tony Blackburn.

Personally I believe Tony Blackburn's side of the story compared to the BBC's but regardless of the 'Story' it is also clear that the manner of his dismissal did NOT follow the normal Personnel Department (now Human Resources) protocols.

I hope Tony Blackburn takes the BBC to an Industrial Tribunal, for unfair dismissal, and wins his case and is duly compensated appropriately.

As I keep saying the BBC, like many large organisations, is completely beyond reforming itself and there is no will in the government to take the action necessary to radically cut the BBC down in size.

The sure fired way to sort out the BBC is to stop the licence the fee and let it compete in its own right. This is what I advocate as the ONLY way to reform the BBC.

However having said that I would be happy to see a full and detailed review of other options which might allow partial government funding on the basis of a continued 'Public Service' broadcasting remit.


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