Thursday, 18 February 2016

# 390 - war- How the BBC never asks the right questions.

The last item on the Today programme on Tuesday at 08.55 discussed a survey that put English eight  year olds at thirteenth on a league table of happiness out of 16 countries and topping the league was Romania.

Now the obvious question to me was that most of the countries above us are not dominated by the luvie brigade and have traditional families, discipline and generally provide an environment where children feel more secure.

I've just started a great book called 'The liberal delusion' by John March which sets out to expose the disastrous consequences of our liberal attitude to children. This is one in which no child must fail or be disciplined and all children are considered little angels and if and when they do wrong it is not their fault but 'societies'.

That is why we are thirteenth but you would never get the luvie BBC to admit that the social liberal attitudes they promote are a large part of the problem.   

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