Monday, 30 March 2015

# 348 - WAR - Update on my TV licence - Part One.

In 2006 I stopped paying my TV licence due to their bias reporting which I had been monitoring and complaining about for  around 15 years. After the usual letters I received a visit from an inspector who I let in because he said if I didn't he would get a Search Warrant. As he had come a long way I let him in and offered him a cup of tea and he was able to see my TV but I didn't answer any of his questions and off he went.

 I was finally taken to court in 2007 for not paying my TV licence and was given a conditional discharge and asked to pay £60 towards the court costs.

After the court case I received the usual letter from TV licencing and replied that I had already been taken to court and given a conditional discharge and would continued to not pay my TV licence as the BBC was still bias finally adding I would file all future correspondence from them on this matter as harassment.

I then moved house in 2008 and in 2011 received a visit from a TV licence inspector who I didn't let in. After the usual letter, which I informed them I would file as evidence of their harassment, I heard no more.

In 2014 a Daily Mail reporter, who was considering writing an article on BBC bias, with my permission, contacted TV licencing  and was told I didn't need a licence as I was a business. Where this came from I have no idea but that is what he was told.

Then two weeks ago, out of the blue, I had another visit form TV licencing, who I didn't let in and have now received a follow up letter asking to see my TV licence or quote:-

 " The legislation authorises an application to be made to a Magistrate' Court for a 'Search Warrant' to enter and search your premises."

Apparently to my knowledge nobody, who refuses to pay their TV licence because of the BBC's bias, has ever had their home Searched as a result of a Search Warrant being issued.

I am now awaiting developments and if necessary will go to court again - I'll keep you posted on what happens.


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    I was shocked to hear Kelvin Mackenzie ex-Sun editor refer to 'White Poor Thickos on Benefits' on the Daily Politics 26th March. Presenters Andrew Neill and Jo Coburn were visibly shocked and I fully expected to see security turn up and drag him off, no chance, he continued unabashed. I thought about it and decided I had witnessed a 'hate crime' which I attempted to report to the police, who after consulting amongst themselves, said it was not a hate crime and I should complain to the BBC, which I did. My reply was a 'standard' email stating essentially that they were not responsible for the opinions of their 'contributors' which may include opinions that others may personally disagree with. However, I have no doubt that 'Black Poor Thickos' would have elicited an entirely different response. I was at pains to state theta I watched the program on IPlayer as, like you I refuse to pay £145 pa to have biased BBC propaganda pumped into my living room.