Thursday, 14 August 2014

# 322 - WAR - Another BBC old timer tells it how it is!

John Simpson who is 69 has recently claimed the BBC is " grotesquely managed by the tough women who run it "! He sums up life at the BBC in general as " a ghastly outfit"!

I don't believe the BBC is only badly managed by 'tough women' as there are plenty of examples of BBC men being just as bad. However what I do suspect, in the undoubtedly Politically Correct BBC, is that they will promote women into positions of management because they are women and not because they are necessarily capable of doing the job well.

 If you want a snap shot of all that is going wrong in in this country then the BBC gives you one of the best examples there is.

Only getting rid of the TV licence tax will the BBC, faced with real competition, start to seriously reform.  

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