Friday, 8 August 2014

# 321 - WAR - Incompetence at the heart of the BBC.

A tribunal has found in favour of John Linwood for his unfair dismissal from the BBC over the £100 million IT fiasco.

The BBC clearly don't know the most basic of industrial procedures for dismissing a person.

1. Verbal Warning for XYZ
2. Formal Warning for say XY
3. Final Formal warning for say Y
4. Dismissal for Y

All stages above need to include retraining of the employee as appropriate and if and when dismissal is finally given it MUST be something the person was verbally warned about. So warnings should be broadly based.  For example it will not be deemed fair to verbally warn for lateness and then dismiss for untidiness.

Of course in severe cases of  misconduct dismissal for Gross Misconduct without any previous warnings can be given for example thief or violence.

The BBC needed a scape goat and Linwood took the chop UNFAIRLY and will be receiving compensation.

The BBC is a bloated, bureaucratic, bias institution and will ONLY be reformed when the licence fee is stopped.

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