Saturday, 24 May 2014

# 314 - WAR - So no bias here then!?

The BBC’s warning to its staff to remain impartial came too late for Mimi Kempton-Stewart, the assistant politics editor of the Today programme. Here are some of her thoughts on yesterday’s election, including that “it’d be nice” if every UKIP voter were just to disappear forever or die”:


  1. And in this they were joined by almost all the media - they reported all the anti-UKIP stories and spin while not mentioning any of the many similar stories about the other parties. You had to scour local newspapers for them. Not only that but it has been "mandatory" for weeks for the beeb to make jokes against them in comedy style news quizzes, "The Now Show" etc. Tough luck Aunty - it seems to have strengthened their vote if anything.

  2. The Today programme was the prime target of government manipulation in the early Seventies. Ted Heath was a friend of the controller of radio, Ian Trethowan who arranged the sacking of Jack di Manio- who was insufficiently respectful of the European project. It was also later discovered that Norman Reddaway at the Foreign Office gave the programme its instructions each day, as to how the European project should be presented.

    So it is continuing in this fine old tradition. It seems that the sacking of Di Manio all those years ago has kept the staff "on message" ever since

  3. I complained on-line to the BBC about Mimi's comments and they replied she is not a real person and does not work at the BBC. Her Twitter account appears to be a fake?