Friday, 25 April 2014

# 312 - WAR - BBC Proms dumbing down again.

I know this blog is  called BBC Institutional Bias but it now could just as easily be called BBC Institutionally Dumbed Down.

Following on from last years two rappers and a punk band this years proms is schedules to include pop star Paloma Faith (who is she?) Rufus Wainwright and the Pet Shop Boys.

The BBC is in a spiral of intellectual decline that mirrors the dumbed down society in which we now live.

This is supposedly being done to attracted a younger audience but why should the proms necessarily set out to attract a younger audience especially if that involves dumbed down gimmicks.

The BBC used to set the agenda now it just follows as it mirrors every popular trend and fashion.


  1. True and this also applies to weather forecasts - they will only be watched by people who need to know so why did they remove all the pressure charts and detail just to make it all look slick?

  2. I hadn't thought of that but of course it is true as weather forecasts are mainly about a presentable woman waving her arms about over a backdrop of the UK while mentioning air pollution and Global Warming as much as possible.