Wednesday, 26 February 2014

# 302 - WAR - Is the sea level risng?

Thanks to the blog site ' Not a lot of people know that ' I see the BBC is being very economical with the truth as usual.

Under the heading ' Indonesia rising sea level threatens 1,500 Islands' the BBC reports on-line under 'News from elsewhere' at 11.19am today that sea level rises are threatening Indonesian Islands.

This simply isn't true as the problem is the land is sinking due to tectonic plate movement as recorded in the Yanags and Akaki study in 1994.

Because BBC staff are indoctrinated with the false science of global warming they also believe sea levels are rising and push this at every opportunity.

This is BIAS.


  1. Bias would be reporting a genuine sea level rise in Indonesia as being more important to British news than, say a British firm being moved to India because of the climate change act. That would be a misallocation of concern ie bias.

    Saying that a fall in land is actually a rise in sea level is simply a lie, not bias.

  2. I take your point but I believe the line between bias and lying with the BBC is very fine and interlinked.