Monday, 3 February 2014

# 298 - WAR - Michael Gove and Baroness Morgan.

Although I have not posted on here for 15 days the BBC has still been bias in one way or another most days. However the bias shown over Baroness Morgan being replaced is so blatant as to need recording.

Here are the three reasons I can think of to show that this story is bias against the Conservatives and therefore pro the left.

1. This minor news story only became the lead news item, as it did, because it was anti Conservative.
2. Little mention has been that Michael Gove actually appointed Baroness Morgan in the first place.
3. There has been NO balance or analysis, that I have seen, of how New Labour stuffed their 'supporters' into the top jobs in Quangos and many other bodies.

Today the issue still rumbles on with an airing as a discussion item on the Jeremy Vine show.

The BBC is so devoid of rightwingers that they simply don't see how bias they are and have become.

PS. Dominic Lawson in the Daily Mail today reported that the Policy Exchange think-tank recorded that in the Blair years the ratio in some years was 75 to 15 percent in favour of New Labour appointments.

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