Friday, 3 January 2014

# 294 - WAR - BBC bias on immigration.

It is pretty clear to me that the BBC is generally pro immigration and is loathed to criticise the last New Labour governments 'Blairite approach' to the issue.

So it is no surprise that they gave blanket coverage to a report last month, by Christian Dustmann and Tommaso Frattini from the UCL, which said immigration had made a substantial contribution to the public finances.

However yesterday Mervyn Stone a senior statistician at the UCL said the report contained some basic schoolboy errors.

The BBC has a duty to be impartial and not only balanced but check out information BEFORE they broadcast.

I'm sure the BBC won't publish a retraction but then they don't care as they have used the airways to promote their view of the world and to hell with the truth.

The trouble is the BBC's version of the truth is NOT representative of the public at large.



  1. I enjoy all the letters i get from the bbc. its quite funny really, i object to the tv licence in all, but cant be bothered with the court thing. So i cancelled my direct debit one and when it ran out i got a payment card thng. they want about £25 per month for 6 consecutive months, so each month i pay £12.50. i always pay it in the last week of the preceeding month, so i am never without one so to speak. but the letters are so funny. always we will have to end your account (because i am behind with my payment) so it will expire at end of current month, then when i pay my £12.50 they set up a new licence, post it to me, and give me a payment plan of £25 each month for the next six) then they get half of it, for the first month, then send a letter on how i am behind and if i dont pay £50 ish now, then my licence will expire at the end of the month. Then it all repeats again, I know they cant do a thing about it, as never have i been without a paid for tv licence, but they dont half get upset at me refusing to bow to them, quite legally

  2. Drawing out the payments for your TV licence and other bills like water and house rates is a good ploy and there are additional ways to make things even more difficult that you do. I of course simply didn't pay my licence and was taken to court but I still don't pay and they appear to have given up as I assume they don't want the bad publicity.