Sunday, 7 July 2013

# 245 - WAR - Does a goldfish in a bowl know its goldfish in a bowl?

I love this quote from Peter Hitchens today:-

"The BBC could never know it was biased just as  a male goldfish in a bowl doesn't know he is a goldfish or that he is in a bowl!"

He goes on to say - "This is because  BBC people have no friends who disagree with them and despise moral and social conservatives as morally evil people.

Then I read on Saturday that Emily Maitlis of Newsnight said this week of the conservative Party after the referendum vote:-

"Cameron is in hock to his party on Europe - otherwise he would not have this crazy Private Members' Bill which has no chance of ever being enacted into legislation."

So there is a bit of BBC unbias reporting for you - NOT!!!!!!

And finally we have Nicky Campbell on 5 Live conducting a phone in asking if the late bank holiday in August should be renamed Margaret Thatcher Day which was followed by an hour of Thatcher bashing.

Even in death the BBC cannot resist the chance to have a pop at Mrs T.

Isn't it strange how organisations who have been identified as being institutionally bias, like the Metropolitan Police for example, have all had to change but dear Old Auntie just keeps the bias going despite endless reviews, reports and comments from ex-employees pointing out the bias.


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