Wednesday, 12 June 2013

# 240 - WAR - NO surprises as the BBC wastes your money.

Good Leader in the Daily Mail today titled - Price of BBC bias.

In this article recent examples of the BBC's profligacy are listed such as:-

1. £1 billion on the New Broadcasting House (over budget and behind schedule) now the biggest newsroom in Europe.

2.  £1 billion on the 'white elephant' MediaCity in Salford, with £24 million spent on bribing staff to move.

3. Well over £100 million down the drain on computer system which the Mail says the former DG deceived MPs about.

4. Losses of £10 million on sale of studios in Manchester.

But why should they worry as it is NOT their money but yours. This is the public sector mentality writ large which pervades the BBC's output on which most Britons depend on for their news.

Where public money is concerned, the still bloated BBC, sides instinctively with the spenders against the providers, the state employee against the taxpayer.

Of course the Left's voice must be head but when the BBC's default position is taken from the Guardian and their output is dominated by the 'Left's Agenda' then as the Mail says we should all be worried.

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