Wednesday, 18 July 2012

# 186 - WAR - It's always climate change at the BBC!

So on Radio 2 today Jeremy Vine had the obligatory spot as to whether our current wet weather was caused by climate change.

The sceptic was a pale imitation of a man who was incapable of challenging the blatant lies of the pro climate change person. This is a typical example of the BBC's pathetic attempt at balance.

The repeated lie that ALWAYS goes unchallenged is that the temperature is warming NOW.


In ' Heaven and Earth - global warming the science' by Ian Plimer he explains on page 86 that :-

"As with previous climate changes. the Late 20th Century Warming has not been a period of steady warming. As with previous climate changes, the evidence shows that the primary driver is a change in solar activity. There was warming from 1850-1940, cooling from 1940-1976, warming from 1976 - 1998 and cooling since 1998."

Listening to any broadcast on climate change on the BBC you would NEVER get to know this fact.

The laugh is that the BBC keeps telling us that they are always seeking to improve their broadcasting balance well they are not on climate change that is for sure.

I wonder if it is compulsory for BBC employees to sponsor a polar bear?!!*

* and I bet they aren't aware that polar bears have been so plentiful - their reported decline is yet another myth peddled by the watermelom BBC ( green on the outside and red on the inside!)

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